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Farmer's Daughter Gardener Soap
Farmer's Daughter Gardener Soap

Living in the rural South, I know many farmer's and the women that live and work on their farms are some of the toughest, sweetest, and most resilient people I know. These women are capable of taking care of the nastiest, hardest jobs and yet have a way of coming across as the sweetest, gentlest ladies to ever grace a church pew. Anyone who has ever lived on a farm knows that there is a unique strength to these women and they all have plenty of grit and yet are still some of the softest hearts you will ever meet. 

This soap was made with them in mind, it is a gardener's soap with plenty of grits, pumice, and ground hemp seeds to help scrub off the grime of an honest day's work. It is also full of shea butter to help moisturize and leave behind hands soft enough to caress the cheeks of the newest member of the family. 

The is light, fresh and has floral top notes that yield to middle notes of fresh melon with a base of herb-y green tomato leaf. It is not what you might expect and is really beautiful. I think this would make a great perfume.
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