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Aromatherapy Lotion Bar
Aromatherapy Lotion Bar

These essential oil based lotion bars can be used several ways. You can use them like lotion because they are chock full of skin loving ingredients like shea butter, organic coconut oil, argan oil and vitamin E. Or you can use them on pressure points near the temples, wrist and chest to utilize the benefits of the essential oils. Either way, they are pure enjoyment.

The 1 oz push-up tubes provide mess free application. These do go on a bit heavy, I could add chemicals to help them absorb better but who wants that? Not me.

Clear Head: This blend is the same as the soap. It is mint, rosemary and eucalyptus. This helps clear the head and makes a great chest rub.

Uplift: This is the blend that is used in the Geranium soap, geranium, citrus and lavender essential oils make a very happy blend.

Relax: Lavender pure and simple. We all know what this is used for. Smooth on and curl up with your favorite book. This essential oil has a long reputation for relaxing and soothing.
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