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Spa  Sea Salt Soap
Spa Sea Salt Soap

A completely different soap experience. These bars are made with 25% unrefined shea butter and copious amounts of salt. These bars are rock hard and lather a bit differently with small creamy lotion-like lather. Salt bars last a VERY long time and after the first use, they feel like polished stones in your hand. Many people swear by salt water for helping with skin issues, well now, you can have a salt water experience in your freshwater shower. The high amount of shea butter makes this a very moisturizing soap. The scent for this bar is an essential oil blend of dark patchouli, lavender and rose geranium. 5 oz

Warning: salt corrodes metal, so please be sure to place this soap on a non-metalic surface.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, dead sea salt, shea butter, sodium hydroxide, water, essential oil blend, oxide pigments

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