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Sugar Lip Scrub
Sugar Lip Scrub

Tired of crusty winter lips? Me too! Dry winter air leaves my lips in terrible shape. Last winter I had several customers ask me for a lip scrub. So I played around with several variations with a long list of requirements before I settled on this one. It is not harsh or goopy or greasy. It is not hard to get out of the pot like some others and it leaves my lips feeling so smooth, soft and shiny. For lip scrubs, these 1.5 ounce pots are big and a little goes a long way. These will not leak in your purse or get dried out and nasty and have the bonus of having really simple ingredients. This is the answer to all of the lip scrub requirements I aimed to accomplish last winter. 

To use this, simple scoop a little bit out on your finger and gently exfoliate your lips. Then you can either wipe off the sugar crystals or simply lick them off. For full disclosure, I have never wiped off any sugar because this blend is completely edible and very, very yummy. You do not need to follow up immediately with lip balm as the scrub will leave your lips feeling soft and totally kissable. You will not be afraid to ask your Main Squeeze to, "Gimme some sugar!" 

If you want to purchase a matching lip balm, look for the lip set as their is a discount if you purchase both together. 

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