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Fido's Flea Free Soap
Fido's Flea Free Soap

Neem oil is a powerful bug repellent, it is also good for skin ailments on dogs. However, neem reeks! So we combine some other bug repelling essential oilslike lemongrass and rosemary to createa bar that smells good. This soap is safe for your little kids and your grown up kids, we have customers that like the smell so much, they buy it for themselves! Note to kitty owners: none of the essential oils used in this soap are harmful for your cat if YOUR DOG has bathed with this soap. However, we do not recommend bathing your cat with anything that contains essential oils as some can be harmful to felines. 4oz

Ingredients: Rice bran oil, olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, water, essential oil blend

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